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No Sound

Post by ddhhffgg »

Hello, i've currently been using your emulator and it is fantastic so far, the games i've tried ran great. The only issue I have is that I am unable to get sound.

The config i'm using is this.

Machine: Award 430VX PCI
CPU: Pentium 133
Memory: 128
Video Device: S3ViRGE/DX, Speed: Fast VLB/PCI, Voodoo Graphics checked.
Sound Device: Sound Blaster AWE32
OS: Windows 95 OSR 2.5

I tried downloading AWE32 drivers onto the machine but it didn't seem to do anything. Thanks for any help.
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Re: No Sound

Post by JosepMa »

Are you emulating MS-DOS or Windows?
If it is Windows, do you see a yellow speaker in the taskbar? Clicking on it should open the Mixer and you could verify the volume. It might be simply playing too soft.

If it is on DOS, some programs need the blaster variable set up properly to correctly detect the soundcard, although in many cases it is not needed.

Also, there are some times that the audio stops working and you need to restart the emulator. Concretely, in cases where the audio driver on the host OS is stopped or changed or some other source tries to open it. In these circumstances, the application is not correctly reinitializing the audio so from then on, it doesn't output sound.
I just mention it as there is the possibility that such is what happened to you, although it's not an usual problem.
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Re: No Sound

Post by omarsis81 »

Try first using the more standard SB16. See if that works then go to the AWE32
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